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Author: Pam Richardson
Genre: Juvenile

Registry #: ygm002


...BANG!! Sara jumped.

What was that?

BANG! Running to the doorway she peered down the aisle. From the side window of the very last stall came a loud SNORT and a puff of dust sprayed out through the bars.

Sara walked slowly down the aisle her eyes fixed on the door. The latch was secured and held its occupant inside, barely. Sara’s eyes dropped down and focused on the shiny brass plaque. GIBSON was printed across it. Placing her hand on the wall she peered into the dark stall. She could barely make out the face staring back at her.

Two black eyes watched Sara intently. Gibson was much larger than Cokie. His body seemed to fill the stall and his thick arched neck made him seem even bigger as he looked down at her.

The barn was completely quiet. The other horses were all turned out and the only sound breaking the silence was Karen’s voice, from over in the ring. Sara caught a glimpse of her instructor through the open door.

I wish I could be riding Cokie now instead of dealing with this.


A HORSE FOR SARA is a short story describing the conflict the young rider Sara experiences when advancing from the old reliable school horse “Cokie” to a slightly more challenging “Gibson”. Although the reader is confident Sara’s ability to move on, Sara is not so sure herself. Contact me to find out how it ends!


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