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The Baby Bobbie Series
Author: Nilah Curtis
Genre: Young Market

Registry #: ygm001


Each of these four delightful books (average 12 pages each) is designed for parents/caregivers to read to infants from conception-3 years. The theme is management of the various caregiving tasks of Bobbie's day, which all babies and parents can relate to.

Benefits of series
Infants receive the modelling of reading and an opportunity for closeness with caregiver.
Infant hears repetition of "Baby Bobbie" (a bilabial sound) which encourages language development and appeals to infants' desire for sound repetition, and/OR
Caregivers may choose to use the reading infant's name instead, which encourages observing baby's reaction and acting upon baby's choice when possible.
Caregivers see illustrations which depict artist's representation of a nurturing relationship with a caregiver who is demonstrating desirable interactions.
Caregiver has an option in the sidebar for explanations of interactions mentioned in text.

1. Baby Bobbie's Surprise

See overall benefits in the introduction to the series, above. In this project, the reader sees a child's delighted view of the world as he begins his day.

Benefits: Infant caregivers see:
How to meet infant's need for "alone time",
How to provide for anticipation of what is about to happen
The importance of removing distractions during caregiving
Involvement of infant during caregiving
Sign language for "I love you"
Modelling of positive feeling expression
A different method of diapering.

2. Baby Bobbie's New Hairdo

See overall benefits in introduction to series in synopsis. Reader hears Baby Bobbie's thoughts and feelings as mom helps him with breakfast, and he gets a new "hairdo" in the process.

Benefits: Infant caregivers see:
How to provide an opportunity to anticipate the next activity
How to encourage a child to eat
When to be and when not to be involved during caregiving
The advantage of child-height furniture
Examples of reflective listening.

3. Baby Bobbie's Bath

After breakfast, Bobbie needs a shampoo, which many babies dislike. Bobbie's mom shows the reader how to take the fear and struggle out of this necessary aspect of infant care.

Benefits: Readers see how Bobbie's mom:
Uses transition time to initiate new caregiving process
Provides for anticipation
Uses positive I Statements
Removes distractions from the caregiving situation while she wants the child's cooperation
Expresses the sequence of events in ordinal timing
Implements safety considerations during the bath

4. Baby Bobbie's New Jacket

It's time to get dressed, and Bobbie's mom shows how to get maximum cooperation during this everyday event.

Benefits: The reader sees how Bobbie's mom:
Allows choices when she can
Involves Bobbie during dressing
Shows respect for Bobbie's wishes
Demonstrates respect
Uses reflective listening and positive I statements


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