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Author: Cynthia Weathers
Genre: Short Stories and Memoirs

Registry #: shs005


At the age of fifty two, did the loss of my best friend create this new world for me? I had always wanted to do a little writing but never seemed to have the time. Something always kept holding me back. There were so many precious moments shared by the two of us. Many nights he stayed up with me through my illnesses without complaining. I truly believe every pain I felt Larry shared with me. Those memories have transformed me into the person I am today. It made me want to write not just anything but some of the feelings that I cannot share with my husband Larry anymore. Sometimes, when I start to write, tears flow down my cheeks. In the middle of a sentence, a smile may come across my face.

I have composed a series of essays whose themes are best expressed by their titles: MIDNIGHT MADNESS STRIKES AGAIN; MY LOVE IS MUCH STRONGER; MY WRITING HAS BECOME THE EXTENSION OF OUR LOVE and LIFE WITHOUT THE MAN I LOVE.

I have also written children's books that have taken me back to many wonderful memories. One of my favorites was summer vacation. Summer meant visiting the Hampton Plantation where my cousins lived. Every day people would come from all over just to see the famous dogwood tree paths. The plantation was famous for its name as well as for the beauty that it held. The collections of books about children and poems have given me new energies and a grandly creative outlook.


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