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SHARIING (pronounced "sha-ring")
Author: Mark Mc Quown
Genre: Short Story

Registry #: shs004


In a world that predates time, in a world that predates our Universe, there was an entity who lived with no words and no one else. Shariing found that there was something more to this world and investigated the matter. Shariing found in the investigation that loneliness was the problem even though the word did not exist.

Shariing divided the entity and produced another. Now there were two and now the problems that would last all the way to our time were slowly invented. Words were discovered, sex was discovered and the relationship between man and woman was initiated.

For the remainder of the story Shariing, who now had a name, tried to work out what the relationship was with her new partner. She was now a female by her own choice and Morningstar was the man. Shariing and Morningstar consumated their relationship and produced the material of the Solar System but in this consummation there was violence and that violence, billions of years ago, created the Big Bang, the pyrotechnic event for all time.

Shariing is a story before stories, an explanation of our own Universe and the seeds of our very existence. Shariing is the beginning of time, Shariing is the beginning.


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