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Author: Martin Lopes
Genre: Script

Registry #: scr003


I’ve written a screenplay entitled -(Maxpc). Will Smith is attends a college- State BU., which is the old alma mater of Bill Gates. Will- a junior; a computer science major plays the part of a nerd, who is tired of the being a second-class citizen on campus. There's an evil force on the Internet that threatens to destroy the world. Will, Microsoft and Will's his posse, with the help of Max Headroom -team up. Max takes Will into Cyberspace, so he can stalk the bad guys, while he trains at a Dragon dojo and Mortal Kombat Zone, readying Will, for the battle that is set to begin. This screenplay is written with Will Smith, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachay in mind, as co-stars who attend State BU, a cameo by Pink and of course Max Headroom- Will’s mentor and best buddy. Original manuscript, score and graphics, courtesy -Lopi Productions

Will- Rap song-says it all!
I go to state BU, yeah it's the word!
How come I always feel like I'm a nerd.
At the University, we got diversity, we got gigabytes, we got women's rights.
We got books for school, we got jocks that rule.
We got faculty, but hey what about me?
I maybe a nerd, and so you've heard.
Their's a place for me where I can be, the badest one around, instead of wearin a frown.
I ain't gonna play the fool cause I'm gonna rule, when I'm in Pc land.,when I'm in Pc land.

WGA registered, copyrights all materials


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