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Author: Martin Lopes
Genre: Screenplay

Registry #: scp005


I’ve written an original sitcom- (Martha Stewart-Domestic Diva). Candice Bergen’s character-Murphy Brown portrays Martha as a dysfunctional, guilt-ridden, insecure protagonist. It takes Murphy’s witty sarcasm to pull this off. Martha and Lexi strive to keep Martha’s critics and her dysfunctionality from destroying her world.

Martha battles against the media, to control her image, the judicial system, because her case is on appeal and new found charges of more insider-trading surface, while she try’s to work her way back into the good graces of society. She vows to make her stock rise again, to bring more advertisers back to her magazine and to beat her fallen from grace image. Well if Sears can find a kinder softer side, why not Martha.

Martha sees a shrink about her newly found excessive compulsive behavior- brought on by her stay at camp cup cake. Martha consults with her attorneys Smuck & Smuck to end her legal woes and with the help of Lexi and her friends-Rosie O’Donnell, Penney Marshal, Melissa Rivers and of course Paris Hilton, who try to easy her pain and aid her on her road to recovery. Martha enters this twelve-step program that takes her from her showroom kitchen to down on the farm.

Love her or hate her, Martha’s definitely a lightening rod for controversy, and her ankle bracelet is the ground rod. I’ve written two episodes of this sitcom, to better show where the stage is being set, the storyline possibilities and the character transitions from the MSLO Omni media office to her Bedford Hills estate. Included are a few illustrations cartoons and portraits of Martha, Murphy and Lexi as a collage or rather a snap shot sequence, into the lives of Martha’s new family. These pictures, mostly satirical, endear us to the characters. WGA registered, copyrights-all material.


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