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Author: Winona Bowen
Genre: Screenplay

Registry #: scp004


The story opens with an old, bag lady feeding the birds in a park near a huge, office building and the security guard comes and runs her out. She goes into the tall building, takes the elevator to the top floor, walks up two more floors to the apex, goes out to the edge, crying, with the wind blowing in her scraggley hair and shabby clothes. She looks down and the cars look like bugs and people like specks hurrying to and fro. She pulls herself up and CUT.

Under the railroad track where she lives, she befriends a young, Mexican girl with a little, boy. One night they swap dreams and then we go back in time to show how life put her in such a pityful condition.

First scene of life, she is in a beauty contest and wins but with a little scrap from her competitors, but the Marines come to her aid.

Next, she is an executive with a real estate company whose boss shafts her and from that time in it's all downhill until we go back to the roof of the building where she knew she was going to jump. Well, guess what? A bird hits the glass behind her. We already knew she loved birds. Remember the park and getting run out? She cares enough about the bird. She picks it up, gets back on the elevator, gors back down, starts to cross the street and a taxi hits her and kills the bird. Sacrifice or what?

This story has the most incredible ending! You'll just have to read it.


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