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Author: Waldtraut Ella Ruth Nordstrom
Genre: Screenplay

Registry #: scp002


Act one - 40 minutes
Act two - 30 minutes
Act three - 40 minutes

In three acts this screenplay portrays the experiences of a Protestant German girl in Hitler's Germany and culminates into a love story. It depicts Helga's development from a carefree child into an anxious teenager who musters up the strength to shed her addiction to obedience and thus insures her survival. Her new attitude opens many doors: she becomes a professional woman and later an American citizen. As the outgoing daughter of a forest ranger Helga enjoys a carefree childhood while growing up in the woods of Eastern Pommerania and attending boarding school in nearby Stolp. But the summer of 1944 brings disruptive changes: Helga is drafted into a Labor Camp where she has to dig trenches that are to become tanktraps for the Red Armies. Due to poor sanitary conditions she develops an infection and is treated by an old country doctor who also tries to rape her.

Strengthened by the hard labor, Helga manages to kick him into the groin and to escape from his hold. A few weeks later she is drafted into the Reichs Labor Service, a paramilitary organization. After basic training Helga is asssigned to shore duty at the harbor of Stralsund where she assists refugees coming across the Baltic from the East. In the process she catches diphtheria and is left to die in a hospital filled with terminal patients.

After regaining consciouness Helga fights for her life: she tears away at the thick membrane that's constricting her throat and manages to scream for help. A young doctor, who was wounded himself comes to her rescue and stops the bleeding. As soon as Helga is 'germ-free' her best friend helps her to escape from the hospital and the camp. Still weak and barely able to walk Helga begins the lonely trek through the war zone to West Germany, where she finds her mother and sister.

After the cease-fire in May '45 that was brought on by the arrival of the Americans Helga meets a young corporal who is especially helpful to her family and who returns to Germany three years later to find her working as translator for the local Dept of Public Safety. Helga and Ed renew their brief friendship, enjoy a glorious courtship, and finally become man and wife.

This is a true story. The treatment and script are available upon request.


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