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Author: Laurence J. Bucaria
Contemporary-Science Fiction Novel
Registry #: sci001


Stu Darlington holds doctorates in physics and biology. Reports of strange abnormalities begin to surface with children being born with gill slits, webbed fingers and other embryonic features. Animals too seem to be undergoing regressive stages of development as if preparing for an aquatic future. The frequencies of occurrence are too widespread to ignore. Darlington plots the outbreaks and comes to a startling conclusion. Nature in its own strange way, is readapting to its past by creating the means to survive in water. The mathematical curve he develops becomes a predictable means of forecasting an event which he believes will plunge the world into a watery existence.

He discovers that others have reached the same conclusion and, for their own selfish reasons, try to suppress his theory through ridicule and disdain. With the help of his two, young assistants, he compiles data which all but confirms an event to come which deals with aquatic existence. To augment this concern, abnormal births are occurring throughout the world as babies are born with gills, webbed appendages and other regressive characteristics. The trigger is the only factor missing and he begins a search which leads him to the heavens. The moon, constant in its orbit for eons, exhibits a barely noticeable wobble, which is discovered in satellite information. Darlington concludes that the Moon will temporarily break out of its orbit due to a sudden shift of its internal mass and come disastrously close to the Earth before correcting itself. Monstrous waves reaching eighty miles in height will completely cover all landmasses and destroy most surface life as we know it.

The means of survival for mankind is at best problematical as Darlington learns that his adversaries are also planning for survival of their own clique. A race ensues and the Darlington curve suddenly becomes the basis for hope since the timetable suggests that enough can be done before the event occurs. Running throughout the story is a May-December romance between Darlington and his young assistant as people all over the world realize that only the remaining time is important. A starling happening provides the surprise conclusion to the story.


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