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Author: Clarence Vilhauer
Genre: Religious

Registry #: rel007


This is all about memories and how the memory works. Memory is a very complex process of our body. And we have no real control of it because whatever we say or do is recorded in the memory forever. I compare it to our latest technology, the computer, where you can store all kinds of knowledge and by just pushing a button you bring forth all that is stored there. In my writing I explain all I know about memories from my experience of this life. Jesus said there is nothing covered or hidden that should not be made known on the Last Day. When Jesus judges us we will be able to remember everything that was ever said or happened in our life. Memory is a very interesting subject. Some people may not even know that they have a memory. But when you grow old, all you will want to talk about is what is stored in your mind, whether it is new or old.


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