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Author: Le Roy Reynolds
Genre: Religious (English Christian Fiction)

Registry #: rel006


(183 pages, 61,252 words)

This is a fictional account of the miracle birth and growth of the antichrist. It documents his life from birth until his coronation into supreme ruler of the world system. Some scripture is used, especially relating to prophecies concerning the antichrist. All scripture used is from the authorized King James Version. No attempt is made to present the novel as truth. It is all supposition and imagination. It should excite believers and challenge non-believers.

There is controversy about when he will be born and what nationality he will be. These are addressed in this novel, although neither is important. This manuscript was begun before recent published material on this same subject and nothing in this book closely resembles previously published material. However, the publishing of this manuscript could lead to a sequel that would relate to events that take place after the "rapture" of the church.

The subject material should be of interest to each Christian and anyone who is interested in prophetic material. The manuscript was copyrighted by the Post Office on 7/19/01.


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