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Author: Donna Rossi
Genre: Religious

Registry #: rel005


Simple/plain, uncomplicated. 1: free from dishonesty or vanity:innocent. 2: free from ostentation. 3: of humble origin or modest position. Today, the human race suffers from emotional illnesses more than ever before. People look for answers. They search for help. The aid they require is as close as a simple prayer. "Simply, Sympple" contains messages from an angel. These messages are presented in a clear precise manner. Sympple explains how each of us has a unique guardian angel. His messages are sent from God. The complications in today's world need not be looked upon as impossible conquests. They are lessons. We are meant to learn from each incident, then pass our knowledge to others. People have many teachers in their earthly realm. They themselves are teachers. Sympple gives the reader a simple "how-to" guide leading them to a relationship with God and their angels. "Simply, Sympple" gives hope to an individual who needs a special touch; a special message. Angels and God are with and within each human. People need to believe they are never alone. With Sympple's help, through simple guidance, humans can easily learn to communicate with their angels. Messages of hope are presented in a gentle way. Through him and through God, changes in their lives can be achieved. The reader will be touched with eagerness and taught with enthusiasm that through simplicity an uncomplicated life is achievable. Simple solutions and happy advice from an angel presented in "Simply, Sympple," teaches a person simplicity and provides them peace. Today's world is hectic and hurried. Sympple teaches us to slow down. He tells us through our relationship with angels how we are capable of possessing a positively peaceful life.


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