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Author: Bette Mioduski
Genre: Poetry

Registry #: poe009


Here is a third collection of warm and sensitive poems by Bette Mioduski. They express the dreams and hopes of seeking something better in life by those among us who have been sorely afflicted. In "I'll Be The One," a young man overcoming a stigma usually imposed by society, dreams of becoming a champion ice skater despite being outcast by society for being gay. "He could be anything in the world, with both eyes open, staring down those who said, 'how dare you.'" The young man's desire to be the best stands out as he considers, in a stark contemplative moment, "I dared to be different," he thought, "for whoever would think as I did......who my bedfellow is might well be your lover's brother." This poem reflects on a significant social stigma attached to a person and recognizes that talents are being unjustly denied. Mioduski continues to cheer the underdog and covers many areas of life... such as the "near-deaf" child who wants to be treated normally, instead of being ignored. In "The Classroom", she thinks, "I look at these chests (fellow students' hearing aids), little boxes are there. What? what are they?" In another part of the poem the poet expresses the girl's great need to be like everyone else, but those boxy hearing aids hurt her ears, her heart, her pride.

The poet believes in times of war soldiers need endless cheering. But such was not the case for those coming home from the war in Vietnam. In "Mission Of Betrayal" a young soldier wonders what has happened to all the fanfare for home arrivals. "The airport on home soil was empty, a sea of lights burned my eyes. My head will be lowered, but not until I cry."

Famous events, even, can transcend to delicate private moments such as when a young girl imagines being somewhere else while the whole world is bent on applause. In "I Want To Be Like John Glenn," she says, "We can imagine for a moment/ we are there/ upon that silvery place;/stay here with me in this room/ for an hour or so,/ it is the only way/ to be on the moon." A trip to the ice, to the moon, or even to a personal freedom from any burden is worth reading about. Find secrets here in poems, which lift the spirit to even higher heights.


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