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Author: Winona Bowen
Genre: Poetry

Registry #: poe008


The growing collection of Winona Bowen's poetry brings into play manifold elements which builds the character of a person with a positive and firm outlook on life. These elements include her native American background and her Western homeland with Hispanic/Indian/ American influences, with its wide geographies and its high skies, the sand hills of New Mexico, where she moves repeatedly in a territory known fully to herself--- sweeping desert scenes, vistas of a mountain range's high green forests, and a fertile river valley.

It also calls on her far-flung aerial travels, runs on her long-used travel meter, reflects her intense interest and devotion to the cause of aviation and those who handle its controls--through their passage in air and an acknowledging flight of words, the command of languages. Her sense of space, the high-blue outer and the soft yet resililient inner, asks old questions and gives off new answers. She moves quietly and surely, with open eyes, seeking answers from the "Woman At The Loom"--Face of leather, lines of wear,/ sunken dark eyes/Long black hair....Where are your thoughts, old woman? or can veer with graceful swiftness to a fighter pilot's homing instinct as he heads back to base, the nose popped down and over. The diversity here, and the clarity, is sometimes chilling.


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