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Author: Bette Mioduski
Genre: Poetry

Registry #: poe006


Bette Mioduski has written another collection of poems that touch the hearts of those challenging fear by facing it head on. "Not An Ounce Of Fear" expresses how man's battle with the forces of nature can confront us with/"I've not tasted it all, the fear others run from. I'll trip the light fantastic in a volcano flow; Mother Earth unleash your anger, you belong to me".

Fear is in us all. It comes in emotional turmoil over a loved one far away. The telephone opens the door to keep in touch, keep the "fire" going as written in "A Thousand Mile Minute"/"the riddle of my touch is within your miles. A caress, a smile. After all, dreams are safe from the storms of the heart."

In "Johnny Korea", fear is of another kind. A small town boy who mentally challenged others with his superiority is faced with a fear of another kind, a gun in his hand as opposed to the comb which kept him in charge of the pack./"Uncle Sam 'came ah' callin' ...not here to play"/"Sam said, 'here's your stripes, this is the theater of life'."

The author puts in some poems that extend the imagination to another plane, such as in "Talk To Me In My Words"/"A bell will not ring in hours to disturb, we can talk among the ghosts"/. These are the moments we can all identify with...... safely in the company of the one we love in the wee hours......safely tucked away from all the fears of life.


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