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Jock Poems For Improper Bostonians
Author: Thomas F. Sheehan
Poetry Collection (70 pages, 50 poems)
Registry #: poe005


A collection of poems based on more than sixty years of observing sports personalities, teams and activities, amateur and professional, in the Greater Boston area, with some competitive activity in the mix. It includes Ted Williams, the Red Sox, Bobby Orr and other Bruins, Larry Bird and the Celtics, various Patriot players, runners Clarence Demar and Johnny Kelley and Smilin' Jimmy Henigan, Doug Flutie, Harry Agganis, Rocky Marciano and Tony DeMarco, to name a few. It includes poems of a player getting to bat once for the Sox, The Final Summer, and a Maine scamp who impersonates a Yankee for one time at bat, To Athens From Third Base. One poem, Bird Day, reads, in part, "They gathered for the first time in the millennium, millions of them soarers of thermal majesty, sewers, stitchers,eagles and falcons and abeyant wrens, all in one rising and magnificent crescendo reaching a pitch of god-like gesture, the ultimate of the millennium itself: LarryLarryLarryLarryLarry." And one poem, In Cold Fields, that says "Billy Centerfield left his arm in Kwajalein debris."


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