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Author: Michael Hood
Genre: Poetry

Registry #: poe003


Cranberry Smoke is a 13-year poem peregrination through the 351 towns and cities that constitute the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and out of which evolved 365 poems.

In sharing in the author's view of the human experience: essentially affirmative, the reader of Cranberry Smoke is given the opportunity to explore subjects that are universal to all: love, death, suffering, humor, religious spirituality, sexual energy, compassion, etc., and to gather insights via motifs of landscape, nature and its elements, people types, etc.

The poems presented in Cranberry Smoke are largely Whitmanesque in that concentration is on natural speech patterns. However, syllabic meter does make an appearance, and technical vehicles of rhyme and alliteration appear too: are utilized to afford sound responses for enhancing entertainment and/or meaning. The poems in Cranberry Smoke are not about the 351 towns and cities in Massachusetts, in an historical sense, although tinges of the historical spirit do appear occasionally. The poems are a response to pulsations, abstracted from a locale within each of these communities. The locale chosen was determined by way of an image(s), or by a cluster of images to which the author responded with emotional and mental intensity.

The poems in Cranberry Smoke are "white-powdered pastries of thought/soft and warm and dreamy sentiments/the bright-dark maroon of my being." [taken from "Chimney Sigh" in Cranberry Smoke]


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