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Author: Bette Mioduski
Genre: Poetry

Registry #: poe002


"I'll Pack My Suitcase In An Hour" is a poem from this poetry collection describing the memory of being given a bride doll as a child: the shattering dream of being a good wife and mother. The author portrays the woman that she becomes and looks back as she is exiting her marriage/"let me look back in a blinded moment at the coloring box door ." The poet stresses the disenchantment with life's reality in the real world of relationships further revealed in "A Letter To Eva," and the unexpected support she receives from the woman who takes her husband/"I tell him not to forget you,/we are sisters at the mercy of wearing a dress."

There is a life-long odyssey into understanding as to where she could find answers. What went wrong is revealed in memories of "T.V. Show"/"I watched as all the imaginary scenes were rehearsed in verse." The poet leads her character into another moment of thought/"I've surmised somebody was all wet, or surely depressed."

Again and again the author details the impacts of handed-down family "scripts" and values in "If I Had Known"/"Whatever happened to my dreams, those unconscious decisions based on t.v.muppet puppets."

Some women have a sense of making all the wrong moves in life, only to realize through daily thought it's never to late to regain self pride in being a woman, and find a man who truly lovers her with respect, as expressed in "I'm Still At Your Elbow"/"You must forgive me for my indolent ways, and accept me as I am."

The author shows help for a "loose" woman who is fooled into changing her life outlook, as in "In A Divided Moment"/"the beggar glanced in the window of my vision, and he did look wise in his sweet trickery."

These poems encompass a feeling of helplessness on one hand, and yet show unbridled strength and resilience in the face of memories or values that had impact in the formative years. Many of the emotions come to the surface in later life, as expressed in "Green Chair"/"There's a chair for comfort although distraught for thought."


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