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Author: Daniel A. Watton
Genre: Novelette, Historical Fiction (Military, based on actual events during WWII)

Registry #: nvt001


The story begins in Berlin during the last weeks of WWII (April, 1945) when U-Boat captain Lieutenant Gunther Kruger, his cousin Sergeant Josef Beyer, and a German Army engineer, Lieutenant Willi Dietrich, form an uneasy alliance to steal 8-tons of gold from their Nazi leaders. The Nazis had looted the gold during their occupation of Europe between 1938 and 1944, and were preparing to ship it to Argentina by submarine after they realized the war was lost. Gunther, Josef and Willi successfully steal and bury the gold in a bunker on the Austrian border just days before the war ends. But Gunther is unable to join them in Austria because of an injury to his left eye. As a result, he does not know exactly where Willi and Josef buried the gold. He is planning to meet up with them later in Dachau where they would surrender to the Americans and await the war's end in a POW camp. After burying the gold, Willi places the location information (camera, logbook & topographic map) in his briefcase. As Willi and Josef head north toward Dachau, a young American soldier (Sergeant Rolie Summers) encounters them on a forest road in Southern Germany. After a firefight, Rolie discovers Willi's briefcase and decides to keep it. Josef was killed in the firefight, and Willi was found bleeding to death in a ditch with his right arm blown off. A year later in post war Germany, Rolie is serving as an MP in Dachau during the War Crimes Trials when Gunther finds and murders him. But Gunther fails to learn the location of the bunker.

35-years later in 1980, Rolie's son, Sam Summers, discovers Willi's briefcase at his grandmother's home in Massachusetts. Sam, a Coast Guard Officer, is home on leave to settle his grandmother's estate when he finds it. He also rekindles his relationship with Jenny Sterling, his high school sweetheart. After finding the briefcase, Sam and Jenny seek interpretative help from a German-speaking professor who lives in town. The professor is missing his left eye, and his name is Gunther. Sam, Jenny and Gunther travel to Austria in search of the bunker guided by the old German documents. They find the bunker and gold when Gunther suddenly pulls out a pistol. Just as Gunther is about to kill Sam and Jenny in the bunker, a one armed man mysteriously appears.


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