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Author: Deborah Knuth
Genre: Historical Novel

Registry #: nov019


David Harris, an American reporter, travels to Salzburg Austria during the summer of 1938, a few months after Adolph Hitler reunited Austria with Germany, in order to write the story of the century. After learning that the borders are closed, David makes an attempt to find the American Embassy. In his search he encounters a pompous SS officer who tries to take advantage of Anna Von Braun, the daughter of a Nazi official. In an attempt to protect the girl's honor, David gets attached and taken to the Gestapo Headquarters where he is accused of treason. While being detained in a holding cell David meets a Jewish widow named Brigitta Reinhardt who loses her family in a Nazi raid and believes she is going to a terrible place.

At dawn, Lieutenant Stephan Von Braun and his daughter Anna arrives at the Headquarters asking for David's release. Over the next few months David is infiltrated with every aspect of Nazi society, including being introduced to Anna's younger brother, Franz, who is an active participant within the Hitler Youth. During his stay David and Anna uncover the secrets that await Brigitta Reinhardt and other Jews like her.

Salzburg Secrets is a historical novel that uncovers the fate of the Jews as well as the secrets that lie within the society of the Third Reich itself. A life that was centered around absolute loyalty, and where the young were the future of the Fatherland, Salzburg Secrets delves into the calculated steps the Nazis used in exterminating the Jewish population as well as the truths behind the Hitler Youth and the effects the propaganda had on the young.


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