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Author: Ellen Johnson
Genre: Novel (Romance/Mystery)

Registry #: nov018


Terry has always been attracted to Richard Mareno---the handsome, charismatic lead singer of the Canadian rock band, Amethyst. So when Richard and fellow band mate Josh Smith arrive in New Orleans to autograph copies of the band's latest album, Terry sees it as the perfect opportunity to catch Richard's attention. Terry devises what she hopes is the perfect plan; but when she and her best friend arrive at the Record Shop, Terry's nerve starts to waver: Robyn Anders---beautiful, internationally-known super-model---is with Richard, and they appear to be very close.

Richard autographs Terry's album; she is so close to her desire, and the whole store is watching. As they stand a breath apart, her dream flits through her mind, and her decision is very clear: with everyone looking on, Terry places her arms around Richard's neck, drawing him to her in a fiery, heart-stopping kiss. At first Richard is taken aback by Terry's openness; then, slowly, he relaxes and gives in to the passion that consumes them both. Terry is oblivious to everything except the feeling of Richard's arms around her. When they finally break apart, Richard, out of nowhere, comments about their kiss being dangerous. Before Terry has the chance to find out what he means, Richard turns around and follows his colleagues out the door and is gone. Back home in Vancouver, Richard receives a more devastating blow: he finds out that his wife Shannon has been having an affair. He confronts her with the information, then he tells her he is moving out, saying he needs time to sort things out. Shannon doesn't believe him; she had heard about Richard and Terry's kiss, and begins to think that Terry is the reason why Richard wants the separation. But, Shannon isn't about to put up with that. She devises a plan that, if pulled off right, will put Terry and Richard in their places for good. Without telling her husband, Shannon takes their infant son and moves to Kenner, Louisiana with her parents; they move right next door to Terry and her family. This couldn't be any easier for Shannon.


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