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Author: Sheila Kadra
Genre: Juvenile Novel (Middle–grade readers)

Registry #: nov017


When her sixteen-year-old sister wins a local modeling contest and goes off to New York with her parents a few weeks before the school year ends, eleven-year-old Meggie is left with her grandmother, with whom she has a special relationship. Gran's home is on a small island; she is the only remaining year-round resident, determined to stay despite her husband's death last year. Since summer visitors have not yet arrived, she and Meggie are the only inhabitants.

Meggie arrives sulky, unhappy at being left behind, and a bit jealous. Understanding her sturdy, bespectacled granddaughter's conflicted feelings about her glamorous big sister, Gran encourages her to develop her own talents. Meggie is an artist, a good one; her grandmother takes her one step further, urging her to tell the stories her drawings illustrate. When Meggie proves she can write as well as draw, Gran arranges with an old friend to publish her work in the local paper.

Meggie--published as Meg--gains confidence with each story. She creates a main character with artistic talent whose drawings play a part in rescuing other characters from dangerous situations.

As Meg and Gran investigate the damage after a violent storm hits the island, Gran is injured in a fall far from the house. With the power cut off and the telephone lines down, Meg faces the challenge of her life; both her newfound self-confidence and her talent as an artist will be put to the ultimate test.

Picture Perfect is a 19,000-word novel in ten chapters for middle-grade readers. The story touches issues of sibling rivalry, family relationships, self-esteem, and creativity as they affect the development of a strong, resourceful young girl.


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