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Author: Thomas F. Sheehan
Genre: Crime Novel

Registry #: nov016


Things are not right at the Forum in Montreal. Private investigator Harry Krisman, being besides a bird watcher a hockey buff of the Boston Bruins, has always believed in extra forces behind the Montreal Canadiens good fortunes over the years. When two NHL referees are killed in the Greater Boston area, Harry's on the case.

A secret society, Campus de Fleurs-de-Lys, once devoted to the kings of France, seems to have disappeared from history after the French Revolution. It rises again in a military family just before World War I in the French Foreign Legion, later at Dien Bien Phu in Indo-China, and finally in Canada, where it espouses, as its solde cause, the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL.

It concerns years of cheating, conniving, and murder to see that the aims of Les Habitants are perpetuated, the legacy continued. They have their own assassin, an enforcer, Guillaume L'Voner, a survivor of Dien Bien Phu, who has a carrot dangled in front of him by the Campus de Fleurs-de-Lys. They have promised to find the Vietnamese who tortured and killed the other members of his squad.

L'Voner, thinking always of his murdered companions and his being set free by the murdered "to wreak any possible puny revenge", waits forty years for the war criminal to be found, committing murders as directed all the while by the organization.

Harry and Kell finally chase down the assassin at Chelsea Creek, near Boston, when L'Voner and the long-sought Vietnamese enemy finally come together, all after Harry's young driver has his throat slashed in Montreal, Maxine is attached in a restaurant by L'Voner, and Harry's god-father, Brother Pierre, is stalked and nearly killed by L'Voner at Brother Pierre's mountain retreat.


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