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Author: Laurence J. Bucaria
Genre: World War II novel of intrigue

Registry #: nov015


In pre-war Brooklyn, a young, German ex-patriate college student is coerced by the German-American Bund into going back to Germany, which he left with his parents at age three as they sought refuge in the U.S. Using a staged, sexual encounter with a beautiful girl, he is blackmailed into returning to Germany. For the next seven years, he is treated well and is absorbed into the new, Nazi society where attempts are made to undo his American beliefs. He earns a doctorate in electrical engineering and is inducted into the Wehrmact as war breaks out. He serves on the Russian front with distinction and rescues a group of Jews at great peril to himself. He is transferred to work on the vengeance missiles as the war ends.

Reunited with his family in the U.S., he patents a semiconductor device and moves to California where he starts a company which is an immediate success. As the years go by, now in middle age, he is suddenly confronted by a group of business sharks which hope to overthrow his hold on the company. They accuse him of having been a Nazi and a war criminal. Charges are lodged and a pre-trial hearing takes place. At the last minute, he is exonerated by a group of Jews who bear witness to his heroism in having saved scores of them during the war. His plight and ultimate rescue is brought about by the surfacing of an oddly shaped ring which had been given to him as a gift by one of the victims years before.

The Mordecai Ring has the thread of unrequited love running throughout the decades which is finally satisfied when he is reunited with his first, teenage love. The book reflects the violence and inhumanity of the Nazi regime and legitimizes deceit, cunning and deviousness used by a young, American thrown suddenly into a lawless society. It is a study in contrasts as his thoughts see-saw from baseball and Coney Island to the Fuhrer and his perfect Germany where Jews and other non-Germans are treated with disdain and hatred.


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