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Author: Thomas F. Sheehan
Literary Novel (Approx. word count: 75,000)
Registry #: nov014


Peirce Keating, for eight years because of an accident, has been a quadriplegic with not hope for recovery. He keeps telling his faithful wife May that a new prince will be coming into her life and that if he had the finger ability he'd pull the trigger himself to give her a better opportunity, or to hasten that opportunity.

The new man, a wanderer of sorts, Traegger Cable, happens on the scene, and Peirce Keating sees the immediate attraction between May and Traegger. Bedded, without the use of any limb, but with the full and inventive use of his mind, he manages to fulfill his promise to give her the opportunity for a new love, makes it the project of a lifetime.

The story twists and turns on the relationships of the three main characters, rides on the rich senses of an invalid and how those senses not only penetrate his mind, but commit it to action. It does not rim the edges of sexual hunger or sensual loss, but dives into those losses with daring and abandon.

Peirce's project is a long and carefully maneuvered one, and at the end, by his will and by is own design, he floats in a final heat as if he were lost at sea, awash forever.


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