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Author: James A. Tennant
Genre: Novel (150 pages, 61,500 words)

Registry #: nov012


FLOAT is speculative fiction, but not science fiction, set in eastern U.S. cities in the 1980's. Lead characters are bright young journalism professionals who love linguistic adventure (puns) and physical adventure (mafia intrigue). The story concerns their arrival at the idea of combining the world food shortage problem and the world prison problem by promoting construction of a huge international satellite to grow food, inhabited by inmate laborers. Their problem is promoting the idea among selfish governmental factions, complicated by mafia interference. It is also a love story, interspersed with thought-provoking self-examinations of Christian values, and culminating in project success and an exciting wedding.

Slant is toward technically and spiritually curious, intelligent readers. There are no vulgar or bloody or sexually explicit scenes, though there are implicit references to all three. The theme is character development through experience. The purpose is to broaden reader perspective through vicarious adventure. There is a hint of divine guidance behind it all, but the book does not advocate nationalism or religion. Rather, it encourages international cooperation and religious tolerance by demonstrating that solutions to global problems lie in individual hearts.


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