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Author: Charles C. Watts
Genre: Fiction novel

Registry #: nov011


Senator Gladstone wraps up another week of gridlock on Capitol Hill. In route to his Fredericksburg, Virginia home, he stops at his favorite Mom and Pops' Restaurant. Being a member of the President's inner circle, he has access to information only a handful of individuals are privy to. Because he is about to go public with the knowledge, he is exterminated.

Still on Capitol Hill, the President and his selected circle are implementing a plan that has been in the works, since long before his own Presidency, to completely take over the country. Involved in the subjugation is the complete activation of all military Reserve and Guard Units, eradication of currency and all of its usage, the suspension of the Constitution through the powers enacted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, limited individual travel, and total accountability of everyone, including their approximate locations, at all times.

Nine hundred miles south, in Whitnel, North Carolina, Mike Lawson begins another typical night at the telecommunications plant, filling in for his best friend, Gary Franks, who is attending a weekend Army Reserve Drill. Both men are former covert operatives for the US Military.

Upon completion of his twelve hour shift, Mike returns home only to be told by his wife the President has fired his Cabinet and charged the Speaker of The House and Senate Majority Leader with treason. As a result, Mike manages to contact Gary and after exchanging information they gather their families and go into hiding in the mountains.

While on the run in the Appalachians, Gary and Mike run into a member of Gary's Reserve Unit. Ultimately they decide to move deeper into the highlands, not only because of the Reserve and Guard Units, but also because one of the members of their small group defects. During the move, Gary runs into a private militia led by Marion Spencer, a retired Army Colonel, whose only wish is to preserve the Constitution.

As the President, along with his allies, is attempting to avoid the anticipated chaos, an unexpected event occurs changing everything.

Can it happen? Is it already happening? You, the reader, decide for yourself.


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