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Author: Mike Piper
Genre: Novel

Registry #: nov010


The novel is about a young man who happens to kill a punk messing with him in a parking lot. The young man is gentle but loses his temper in a fit of rage. He flees the scene afterwards.

The police track him down and arrest him. The trial is a farce due to the young man's inability to afford a competent lawyer. He is sentenced to hard time in the Big House.

His experience in jail is an absolute nightmare. He is skin searched and humiliated in many ways. Completely on his own, he faces up to the other men as a young punk. While in jail, he studies art as a way of channeling his emotions and a means of survival. He learns later, through his art, not to bring attention to himself with emotions.

Gradually he gains the respect of the men. Then a young lady who sees his art in an art magazine after he has become a recognized artist, visits him. Both are so contrasting.

The last year is the hardest. He comes up for parole and gets it. But he's afraid of being cut off from the inside world he has grown accustomed to. Gradually he maintains courage and walks to the outside. The lady who admired his art is waiting for him. This is the dawn. Then she successively and caringly seduces him

Note: This novel is one third complete and is expected to be finished in two months.


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