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Author: Marion G. Otto
Genre: Novel

Registry #: nov009


Leo Czantiloff is a reporter and sometime columnist for the New York Daily News and is given the opportunity to go to Russia and check out the situation. This is made possible by his uncle and namesake, who would like to know if he should relocate to the country he left as a deserter from the Russian Army during World War One. Leo has learned the Russian language from his father and two years of study at Berlitz, so he is able to mix with the people and begins making studies of various individuals. Early on, he becomes enamored with a beautiful widow and soon he has a wife and family. He is approached by a CIA agent and becomes a courier for them feeding misleading documents to the KGB from the American Embassy. He gets acquainted with other reporters and editors in Pravda and begins writing columns for them. Then he is accused of spying and is thrown in Lubianka Prison, but manages to be released after a few weeks. Leo spends his time writing columns for Pravda on various courses of action which he believes would improve the lives of the Russians, based mostly on what any American would know. He brings people from Columbia University to teach courses in business administration at various universities, imports dogs which are used to chase away bears from farms adjacent to the forest land rather than shooting them. His adopted son is nearsighted and wants to follow in the footsteps of his father who was a test pilot in the Russian Aif Force. After the boy reaches sixteen, he is administered the eye operation and passes the physical examination required of all prospective pilots. There is a daughter who is a carbon copy of her beautiful mother and becomes an actress. A treasure of two, large gold bars and a collection of gold coins is found in the house which Leo's uncle has bought for them to live in. The step son becomes interested in business and politics and becomes successful in the feeder airline business, rehabilitating a block of apartments and in the engineering construction management business, building oil and gas pipelines. Like all of my stories, it ends with everyone living happily ever after.


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