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Author: Thomas F. Sheehan
Genre: Crime Novel

Registry #: nov007


A wide receiver for The New England Phantoms of the NFL is killed by a woman in a late night tryst. The Phantoms were in an up-swing and looking ahead to a better year, but this loss throws things out of kilter even though they've drafted an excellent young receiver out of Florida. Things appear amiss and the owner, a rich young food entrepreneur, suspects more than what is seen and calls on the private detective team of Harry Krisman and Kell Thorn who had previously done work for him.

We get an insight to the young Florida receiver on whose shoulders much responsibility might be placed, and his grandmother, an active woman who has been responsible for raising him.

There are subsequent deaths of Phantom players, including one, another wide receiver, who is the subject of a trade with the Tampa Bay team. Harry Krisman goes to Florida to investigate, gets knocked on the head by a mysterious assailant and set adrift tied up in a row boat. He is missing for a few days and his girlfriend Maxine and Kell's girlfriend Magnolia head south. Harry gets rescued by a fisherman, and Maxine and Magnolia are taken captives by a pair of men and tied up in a building. More than their health is in danger.

A mysterious woman floats in the background of the story, with possible contacts with the assailant and the traded receiver who has been poisoned. She is difficult to track down.

All paths cross in Florida as the mysterious woman and the odd assailants are uncovered by Harry and Kell who are forced to operate individually but find themselves getting closer together as paths narrow and as the murderer and associates are revealed.


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