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Author: Thomas F. Sheehan
Genre: Crime Novel

Registry #: nov006


The bodies of two men, complete opposites in life but both apparently killed in the same act, are found shot to death beside the Hatch Shell on Boston's Storrow Drive. One is Commissioner of Police of Boston and the other is a barroom stentorian. The Commissioner has been secretly tracking an insidious but apparently growing problem within the state lottery. Much of the investigation has been accomplished by a computer expert on his staff.

The barroom soapboxer is the father of a student in a local college course taught by Prof. Maxine Humdroph, girlfriend of private eye Harry Krisman. From every rostrum he has been able to reach the student's father, has kept up a constant tirade against the lottery as being crooked from its inception: It's as much politics as anything else in the state system.

At Maxine's insistence, Harry and his partner Kell Thorn get involved in the case. The Lottery, we see from computer revelations, in indeed crooked with immediate pay-backs being made by many big winners, and the operation is run by a crafty Arab mole, C Mahad Ar Maheddon. He commissions protective assassinations when necessary and supplies rake-off money and guns to terrorist groups, such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Gama,and PLOYthis is his role in life.

A series of murders take place in Greater Boston with Maxine, Harry and Kell continually on the edge of things and always in danger. A warning note is pinned on Maxine's apartment door by and Irishman named Colum Mulchinock, a hired gun employed by Maheddon. Mulchinock is supposedly obtaining guns for the IRA, but they are actually going to an Ulster Union Royalist, meaning someone besides Harry and Kell is on his trail.

Harry and Kell track down, or draw in, all involved parties, ending in a shootout near the IRS in Andover when opposing forces go against each other in the final scene.


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