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Author: Thomas F. Sheehan
Crime Novel
Registry #: nov005


Harry Krisman, private eye, and his partner Kell Thorn, defrocked judge of the Mass. Judiciary, are upset at the news photo of an American fighter on his back in a Russian ring who is killed by a Russian fighter in a fight to the death or an Ultimate Fight.

A student in college class taught by Harry's girlfriend Maxine Humdroph says, "Russia's not the only place this happens. It happens down home, in Maine. I've lost a couple of friends. They said logs fell on them in logging operations, but we know that's not true." Maxine comes from Maine originally and she convinces Harry and Kell to investigate the case.

The two detectives end up in Maine's deep woods, develop some good friendships with local people, but get shot at almost for openers as being nosy intruders. They manage to get a look at a secret deep-forest ring set-up, but get captured and handcuffed to a pipe in a cave by an odious and evil "guard dog" type of man.

Meanwhile, the fate of young fighters is shown, drawn by the promise of good, quick money, as the activity is fully revealed for what it is.

A local retired Marine aids in the escape of Harry and Kell from the cave and the deadly venture is put to rest when appropriate authorities are made aware of the scale of the secret fights.


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