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Author: Dr B J Bloch
Genre: Novel

Registry #: nov004


CONFRONTED WITH DEATH is a powerful yet tender human drama about a young and devoted school teacher haunted by her past and threatened by her future, living a life that is seemingly cursed.

Beth Suyvesant considers the day she turns thirteen as the day her world begins to collapse. It is then she learns that her mother has been struck down with ALS ( Lou Gehrig's Disease ). It is a degenerative disease with no known cause and no known cure. Now she must sit idly by and watch someone she loves deteriorate to a slow and agonizing death. To make things even worse, her father, unable to cope with his own personal grief, submerges himself so deeply in alcohol that he loses touch with reality. On several occasions he beats and rapes his wife while Beth, abiding by her mother's outrageous wishes, turns her back and does not interfere. Beth must retain this precarious position until her father finally leaves some two years later.

Then, as a freshman in college, she meets and falls in love with Art Boatswain. Eventually, they move in together. But her security is once again short-lived as Art betrays her. The ill-fated love affair nearly drives Beth to suicide. It is mainly through the efforts of a bright and compassionate psychologist that Beth is able to pick up the segments of her life and move on.

One of the few bright spots in Beth's life is Pete Bascomb. While teaching the sixth grade she discovers that Pete cannot read. Shocked beyond reason, she decides to undertake the formidable task of teaching him how to read. During this period they develop a very special relationship.

The many families dealing with terminal illness will relate to CONFRONTED WITH DEATH. What sets this apart is that the illness is ALS. The reader will be captivated from start to finish.

Log onto his website and read the first chapter.

Reader Reviews for "Confronted With Death"

Reviewed by CuzBAM (visitor) 9/28/2001
It was more than good. I really wanted to keep reading so I could see what was going to happen next. The characters seemed real. I felt their emotions. It was suspenseful.

Reviewed by ROOSTER MITCHELL, L.A. (visitor) 9/28/2001
What a thrilling story. I was captivated all the way through. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by EBOOKSNBYTES (visitor) 9/28/2001
CONFRONTED WITH DEATH is a story worth telling. A well-written plot, memorable and touching.


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