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The Bolduck Tragedies
Author: Thomas F. Sheehan
Literary Novel
Registry #: nov003


William Bolduck, infantry officer, regains consciousness in a medical setting, to find out he has lost both testicles in a skirmish with the enemy. He is a driven man and after military service rises to prominence in his chosen business profession. Loyalty is one of his chief attributes, and, once successful, he gathers some of his former infantry platoon into his fold, taking some of them off a near-scrap heap or rescuing them from oblivion.

But Bolduck has a continuing and harrowing dream of seeing a boy playing baseball, with the constant but implied terror that the boy is the child he could never have. One of this old noncoms, Louis Montori from Brooklyn, now part of his staff, learns that Bolduck's wife and a grown son she keeps hidden in the background, trying not to hurt Bolduck. Montori then recalls Bolduck's dating two girls before service in Korea, and tracks them down. One had a child out of wedlock, and he strives to link the child, now married with children, to Bolduck, to ease the pain of the constant dream or nightmare. The book brings together the dream and the reality.


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