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Author: Dr B J Bloch
Genre: Novel
Registry Number: nov002

Manny Gold, charismatic private detective and narrator of ANOTHER SENSELESS KILLING knows that when Margo Blair asks him to find her missing sister, Kate, his life will never be the same. He is right. Three days later Kate's mutilated body is discovered. Then an ex-cop, with a photo of Kate Blair in his pocket, is found stuffed in a dumpster. Lieutenant Nick Foley, homicide detective and long time friend of Manny, is called in to help solve the case. As Nick digs deep into Kate's sordid past, he finds murder, drugs, prostitution and a strange assortment of suspects: Reid Carlson, a prominent US senator, inadvertantly leaves a cufflink at Kate's home. After being confronted with this, he finally admits to being infatuated with Kate but denies killing her; John Carver, owner of a shady modeling school where Kate once worked, confesses that he loved her and would never hurt her let alone kill her. It turns out that his dance studio is a front for drugs and prostitution. Kate Blair was a drug addict and a high priced prostitute; Herb Rowland, is an ex-con with the murder weapon in his apartment and no alibi. He claims he and Kate were friends. And yes he was abusive to her and did do drugs with her, but he didn't kill her; Margo Blair, Kate's sister and Manny's client, loved her sister, but is strongly motivated by jealousy and greed. Margo has no alibi. She is Nick's number one suspect. Missing links and deceptive clues turn the case in the wrong direction.. Then a newly dug grave containing thr body of Kate Blair, an unusual photograph, a foot print, and a set of mysterious tire tracks combine to put everything back on track.

ANOTHER SENSELESS KILLING is a riveting mystery. Readers can't help but become absorbed as the story unfolds and shocking secrets are revealed. The suspense is unrelenting with twists and turns that lead to a startling climax.


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