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Author: Thomas F. Sheehan
Crime novel
Registry #: nov001
An older professor, head of accounting department at Bentley College, is murdered in a men's room at the college. He has been a widower for fifteen years and has walked around Franklin, Maine every chance he could for all those years, since his wife's death by hit-and-run car, probing the earth with a steel rod.

People in Franklin think he is looking for gold or treasure, has "lost a bit of it", and tolerate him. But, unknown to everybody, he is looking for the car which he believes killed his wife and is buried on a neighbor's farm in that town.

Harry Krisman has left BPD, after a serious accident which forces him to wear a prostheses, and is now is private practice. Maxine, his girlfriend, gets him on the case when the professor is killed at the college where she teaches. The professor had hired her into his department.

The professor was getting close to proving the identity of his wife's killer, via his search for the car using a steel probe rod. He's kept a map of the area or acreage he's checked out.

Discussions in Maxine's classes unveil possible answers to his death. A series of single clues draws Harry, Maxine and Harry's partner, former judge Kell Thorn, up to Franklin where we meet the chief suspect, a Peeping Tom named Merchant Blore who buried the death car fifteen years earlier and even planted a tree on top of it. But he's been nervous ever since and has long watched the professor in his search.

More murders take place in Franklin when Blore sees others, now involved, coming close to what the professor almost found. Harry is shot by Blore just when he is about to find the hit-and-run car, with a metal detector, which the professor dared not use.

And all the deaths are traced to, Merchant Blore, owner of the death car.


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