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Author: David Marshall
Genre: Non-Fiction

Registry #: non009


This is the story of one man's search for the answer to that age old question: "What is the Purpose of Life?" I've always had an inquiring mind and had the foolish notion that the answer to everything could be found some place in some book.

I didn't realize that being born under the sign of Taurus would be great for an American as you scan all those ads in the paper every day, this could hardly be a good point to launch yourself into the search for spiritual enlightenment.

At the age of twenty-one, just when my hormones were raging, I fell in love with the most beautiful and sexiest looking woman that God ever created. In the meantime, a mad man in Germany was screaming over the airwaves and although I couldn't understand German, I just knew he was going to lead us all in another great war. What's more, he spelled it all out in his book," Mein Kampf." A year later I was on my way to Fort Belvoir to undergo three months of basic training in the Corps of Engineers followed by three more months in OCS, (Officer Candidate's School), from which I emerged as a bright, new shavetail (Second Lieutenant). I later learned if I hadn't made the grade in OCS, I would have been sent to a sniper school where they had an 80% casualty rate in combat.

Three years later, I'm flying home from Germanyon a 30 day emergency leave because my mother is dying from cancer while my Regiment sails direct to the Pacific to take part in the invasion of Japan where they expect it will cost a million casualties to sink Hiro Hito into the sea.

Thank God for Harry Truman and the atom bomb because before they could ship me out to the Pacific to take the place of some officer that had been killed in combat. It all came to an abrupt end.

I came home to my loving wife but it seems I had a small problem not uncommon to returning veterans. I was an alcoholic but didn't know how to deal with this problem. Ten years later I had a spiritual experience which led me to A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) and I was now on a path to the answer of What is the Purpose of Life.

Eventually I found my way into the Spiritualist Church of Plymouth, Massachusetts. There the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle all fell into place and one day I received a message from my first wife who is now on the other side through a medium and when she said, " It's nice over here, you're in the pits over there.", I knew I had found my answer.


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