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New Beginnings: The Education of a Survivor of the Third Reich
Author: Waldtraut Ella Ruth Nordstrom
Genre: Non-Fiction

Registry #: non007


The author writes:

I have recently completed my memoirs about my life in Hitler's Germany, in America , and in several other countries. The book is called:

New Beginnings: The Education of a Survivor of the Third Reich

It portrays my development from a carefree young Protestant German girl into an anxious teenager , a successful professional woman, and eventually into a wife and mother. I have discussed my reactions to WW II - I was drafted into the Reich's Labor Service (a paramilitary organization) at seventeen before being allowed to finish high school - my survival in the camp including a near fatal bout with diphtheria - and a hazardous trek through the war zone.

I have also shown how good friends and good books as well as education and work helped me eradicate the horrors of my youth and gradually brought hope and love back into my life.

The second part of the book will focus on my experiences as an American military wife. While teaching in the U.S. and abroad , I have encountered many questions about my education in Hitler's Germany , some of which I could not answer until I had finished the research for this book. I do believe that readers who are intrigued by history will welcome a realistic account of German life in the 30's and 40's as well as by my impressions of America where I found the ' new beginnings' I had been looking for all my life.

Please let me know whether you are interested in the publication of this book of about 175 pages that describes the historical events of the time as well as the trials and triumphs of my emotional and intellectual growth. I have pictures to highlight the events of the past; most of them were taken by my husband of fifty years who has also assisted me in the research for this book.


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