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Author: Richard J. Grant Caldwell
Genre: Non-Fiction

Registry #: non003


From a dirt farmer in South America to the heights of California society, from a promiscuous life style to the peace of Christian life, this is the story of the first thirty-five years of my life. While some sought money, fame, or education, or some other goal, I sought the experience of life and to the best of my ability, I was a seeker of the Supreme Power in that experience. This story is factual according to the perceptions I've encountered and remembered.

Union with God has always been of great importance for me since I first thought about such things and it seemed simple and basic enough for me to regard it as a pillar to my real goal of eternal happiness.

The geography of my various sites or fields where I was able to embark upon meaningful activity are clearly noted in the work as are the real names of those characters with whom I interacted. Highlights include my marriage with my now late wife (with which I conclude); life at six major universities, Notre Dame; U.C Berkeley; Boston College; University of the Valle, Cali, Colombia; Edinboro, PA and Allegheny College, PA. Encounters with celebrities in various countries as well as relationships with women during my first thirty-five years.

Episodes with psychiatric professionals and institutions also took much of my attention and effort to overcome.

Finally, my nuclear family and extended family relationships played an important part of my life.

This work is copyrighted with the Library of Congress as of 4-25-99. English is the principal language used except I am fluent in Spanish but it's used sparingly.


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