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Author: Barbara Winters
Genre: Non Fiction - People Care

Registry #: nfp001


The idea for writing this book came out of my personal experiences and research. I found that people were willing to give me names of organizations that "might" help, but when I contacted the organizations, I was told that, " If your parents own their home" or "If your parents are not on welfare"..they didn't qualify for their services. This left the middle income out in the cold along with their families trying to cope with this new experience of life.

I dealt with the numerous day-to-day problems and other tried and true solutions that worked for our family. I rode the emotional roller coaster that care givers ride in their efforts to cope with the care of the elderly; the utter despair that is felt when a new situation arises that seems to have no answer. I will show in this book step by step solutions to many problems or trial and error methods of solutions that were sometimes the only way a problem could be solved. I touch on the problem of the family member who is alone in this care giving experience and how to deal with other family members to delegate responsibility.

This book deals with finances, medications, housekeeping, health-related problems and the legal ramifications after a death of a parent. It deals with depression, which is an everyday problem both for the elderly and the caregiver as they face day-to-day problems together. It also suggests when to call in a psychologist/psychiatrist; how to deal with doctors; your own ladder of emotions and above all how to help the elderly face each new day with anticipation and not dread. It also covers legal matters and court proceedings one may have to face in the care of a surviving parent or elderly loved one and the laws which can either protect or harm the survivors.

The book deals extensively with other legal matters including wills and their executors; execution of wills and what can happen when a family member seeks to block the will; to probate a will or not and the estate laws governing the deceased. All of these problems were faced and resolved by my implicit faith in God. Consequently, the book, when used as a manual, can provide step by step counseling and provide the reader a sense of kinship when caring for people even in adverse circumstances. Providing care for those less fortunate transforms the giver in myriad ways as new priorities are developed and fresh outlooks on life emerge. Care giving is a mutually beneficial process whereby the helper and the helped grow and heal. It underscores the inherent biblical truism: It is more blessed to give than to receive.


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