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Author: Jack Williamson
Genre: How-To

Registry #: how002


Bingo Euphoria -- Let's Play Bingo is an exciting book about the myriad of funny things that happen while you are playing the game. The book is also a "How To Book" and describes play-by-play of America's most popular and fascinating game. The beginning of the book relates an accounting of the history of the game and reveals why millions of people play Bingo. The author relies on his more than 40 years of experience at playing the game and his hundreds of interviews with players over that extended period of time recording and taking notes about their attitudes and feelings for the game. The section on "Funny Things Happen at Bingo" is a hilarious accounting of incidents, freak accidents and just a potpourri of things that can only happen at Bingo and only reiterated by a fellow Bingo player. Not to leave out any of the frustrations, they too are recorded. “Your most embarrassing moments” has an entire section that will keep you laughing as you search the book for more. The seasoned Bingo player will truly relate to this chapter. For the uninitiated, the game is packed with detailed, down-to-earth explanations of "How to Play the Game." There is a graphic representation of each game played and compiled in alphabetized order for convenience and understanding. The book even has a list of ethical behavior for Bingo players and workers so everyone can enjoy the game. The author didn't forget the business people who run the games and, accordingly, has compiled a list of sound business practices for them to adhere to and a chart displaying differences between local Bingo and Casino Bingo. Included also is an appendix that lists Bingo Jargon and Terms. This book was written for experienced players, novices and business operators, and is a must book for all.


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