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Author: Winona Bowen
Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

Registry #: cnf003


This saga opens in Florida where a First Officer with a Mexican airline views a beautiful woman sans clothing in the Everglades. It turns out she is with the Florida Fish and Game and is merely sunning herself in the middle of the Everglades. The First Officer is simply fishing for bass and meets the lady who will change his life but alas!. He has to leave since he is "dead heading" to California for tomorrow's flight to Mexico.

The story is told from the vantage point of a young, flight attendant. She lives in Southern California and, on her first flight, finds she has a captain who flew for a Japanese, domestic aitrline several years earlier.

She is ultimately drawn between a handsome, young man who sells computers, all American and the swarthy, good looks of a very wealthy Mexican business man, all Mexican.

The plane they are on crashes in the desert of Northern Mexico and we see how they ultimately get out of their predicament. You will see how torn she is between two cultures and how her friend, a seasoned flight attendant, helps her through her delimma.

You will see how contained and courageous flight crews can be in the face of adversity and how they help those in their care through the reauma of an accident.

You'll not forget it when you fly. Have a safe trip!


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