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Author: Winona Bowen
Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

Registry #: cnf002


This is the sad story written in letters and in the sands of time. Isn't it the innocent one that is the last to know? This is a psychological drama written in the heart of one woman who just happened to be married to an airline pilot.

As a matter of fact, they had lived all over, punished by the airline industry, including a three year stint in Japan. This precious lady had been a successful business woman intil she married an industry and had to give up her claim to fame to follow her husband around the world. It finally all ended in Germany literally and figuratively, but I won't reveal the surprise ending by any means, just what's in between.

Buried deeply in the heroine's letters to an old friend back in the States, we catch a glimpse of a good bit of her philandering husband with a sexy, little, German flight attendant out to get a little more than sex, perhaps a free ticket out of Germany. She ultimately got a free ticket to somewhere. But I already said I wouldn't reveal the shocking ending.

That's just about it, Romeos and Juliets...but Julie, remember what can go on the next time he's out of sight. You can just wish he's out of his mind, which was it? Read it and weep!


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