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The Merkers Salt Mines

New novel by Dan Watton, Retired Lt. Commander, U.S. Coast Guard

About the Book:
Long buried on the German-Austrian border is an old bunker that contains a fortune in Nazi gold guarded by the skeletal remains of two Waffen SS soldiers. The gold was destined for shipment by submarine to Argentina, during the closing days of WWII, when U-Boat Captain Gunther Kruger stole it from his Nazi leaders. Sergeant Josef Beyer, Guntherís cousin, and Lieutenant Willhelm Dietrich, a German Army engineer, buried it just as General Pattonís 3rd Army surged into Southern Germany during the spring of 1945. Before Willi and Josef could meet up with Gunther, they were ambushed by an American scout patrol led by Sergeant Rolland Summers, who learns about the gold. Gunther later finds and murders Rolland in his quest to find the treasure. But Rolland dies with the secret. The search is on again in 1980 when Rollandís son, Vietnam veteran Sam Summers, finds an old briefcase in the attic of his deceased grandmotherís Massachusetts home. Written in gold letters on the black leather briefcase is the swastika of Hitlerís Third Reich and the nameÖ "OBERLIEUTENANT WILLHELM DIETRICH."

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