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What Price Success The Louisiana Malady
New book by Samuel Spigno


About the Book:
This story is written in a fictional mode, but based on true life events of the author, who was raised as a child to always be as kind and honest as possible. He had to get involved in politics to find work as an educator in his parish and even though politics took him to the top in his career, it also created numerous enemies for him in the process! In the end, those enemies took him down, but until then the author had a spotless record of achievement in his profession. As a lad he served as an alter boy; as a young teacher and school supervisor, he was a Commentator, Eucharistic Minister and religious instructor for his local Catholic church. In all his life, he never received as much as a parking ticket, and his usual comment was that he didn't ever care who got elected sheriff, judge or district attorney because he was never going to need them! Little did he know - that regardless how good a person might be in his hometown parish, that individual could end up like the young educator did in this story, by stepping on the toes of the Big Boys!

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