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Author name links are links to the author's bio. Title links are links to the work.

April Amonte
Opo the Dolphin and Other Stories

Jane Benson
Cut The Cake
Victim of the System

Dr B J Bloch
Another Senseless Killing
Confronted With Death

Laurence J. Bucaria
Brooklyn Chronicles
The Darlington Curve
The Dodgers Have Also Gone
The Mordecai Ring
  • Sez I (Observer of the Daily Scene)

Harry Boley
  • Spencerville USA

Winona Bowen
  • Gutentag! Welcome to Germany!

  • Mission To Mexico
  • Sense of Flight
  • Shimpai-Nie!
  • Wisdom On The Wing

Elaine Buckley
  • Mine Fields

John Burns
  • A Gathering Of Memories, Saugus 1900-2000

Richard J. Grant Caldwell
  • The Experience Of My Youth

Nilah Curtis
  • Paula's Truth
  • The Baby Bobbie Series
  • Baby's First Steps

Chris Danahy
  • Take a Sad Song and Make it Better

Lincoln Denali
  • Banjo and Other Encounters

Felix V. DiGiovanni
  • The Call of the Curassow and the Land of the Guahibo Indians

Paula DiGiovanni
  • The Golden Key To Reading

Beatrice Fernando
  • In Contempt of Fate

Ronald M. Gamboa
  • The Iron Horse

Anthony M. Gesamondo, Jr.
  • Ciao, Bambino

Paul Gustafson
  • Dead Man's Boat

Elder Terry Hairston Sr.
  • What the Book of Revelation Is All About

Bob Hoelzle
  • In Search of the Whole

Michael Hood
  • Cranberry Smoke

Dawn Jelley
  • Dead Man's Boat

Ellen Johnson
  • Playing With Fire

Sheila Kadra
  • Picture Perfect

Deborah Knuth
  • Salzburg Secrets
Martin Lopes
Martha Stewart Domestic Diva


Don MacNaughton
  • The King's Gora-Wallahs

Mark Mc Quown
  • Shariing

Veda Magee
  • To Emma
  • To Emma
(Screenplay) David Marshall
  • What Is The Purpose Of Life

Bette Mioduski
   • Candlelight Blue Moon
   • Not An Ounce of Fear
   • Stand Up and Cheer

Michael Moffett
  • You And Me Meant To Be

Stuart Nachbar
  • Defending College Heights

Waldtraut Ella Ruth Nordstrom
  • Helga
  • New Beginnings: The Education of a Survivor of the Third Reich

Marion G. Otto
  • Don't Despair, Ivan

Gary L. Palmer
  • You're Here Aren't You

Sam J. Pigno
  • Louisiana Malady (or TNT and Politics in Louisiana)

Mike Piper
  • Between Dusk and Dawn

Sebastian Pym
  • The Germlords

Le Roy Reynolds
  • Ecclesiastes: A King's Life Search For Life's Meaning
  • Going And Sowing, Weeping And Reaping
  • The One

Pam Richardson
  • A Horse for Sara

Donna Rossi
  • Simply, Sympple

Dan Shanahan
  • Alaska Poems
  • Crystal Lake

Thomas F. Sheehan
  • An Accountable Death
  • The Bolduck Tragedies
  • Death By Punishment
  • Death Of A Lottery Foe
  • Death Of The Phantom Receiver
  • Jock Poems For Improper Bostonians
  • The Keating Script
  • Murder From The Forum
  • This Rare Earth and Other Flights
  • Vigilantes East

James and Lauren Smith
  • My First Golf Book

James A. Tennant
  • Float

Clarence G. Vilhauer
  • Growing up on a South Dakota Farm
  • Memories

Daniel A. Watton
  • The Merkers Salt Mines

Charles C. Watts
  • First Attempt

Walter Wayner
  • At Last, God's True Doctrine

Cynthia Weathers
  • Life with Larry

  • The Hopes and Dreams for Many Tomorrows

Jack Williamson
  • Bingo Euphoria—Let’s Play Bingo
  • Here I Am

Barbara Winters
  • My Time To Care