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Genre: Non Fiction - People Care
Born in Atlanta, Georgia, seventy years ago, Barbara is the devoted daughter of parents whose deep love for each other spanned sixty years. It was when her parents experienced problems commonly associated with the elderly that Barbara became involved in health care. Her book, MY TIME TO CARE, is a remarkable example of fighting the system and coming out on top.

After completing High School, she attended the University of Georgia majoring in psychology. She transferred to the Atlanta Division and majored in business administration. Soon after, she was employed by the Coca-Cola Company's Research Division as a chemist in the formulation of new drinks and products. She helped develop the formulation for the soft drink, Sprite.

The experience of helping her parents through a difficult time and her fight with bureaucracy forged a belief that resulted in the writing of the book. It also changed the paradigms of convention to the results oriented deeds of action she now lives by. She describes her book as a textbook for the teaching of geriatrics.

Barbara subsequently married and had three sons. She has been married forty-three years and has one grandson. She lives in the Atlanta area.

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