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Paula DiGiovanni
Genre: How-To

Paula DiGiovanni (Paula Di), is a reading specialist, teacher-trainer, consultant, lecturer, and author of this series, "The Golden Key To Reading" (The Paula Di Intensive Phonics Method of Reading-Writing-Spelling). For years she has proved that for the majority of children, the best time to start their formal education is even before kindergarten, but must be done without pressure. Over thirty years ago she began researching, developing and using her intensive phonics method with children who were having reading problems. At that time the phonics approach was considered "unfashionable" and was frowned upon and prohibited in the public school.

But the results of her methods have elicited accolades from the teaching profession: The best program we've ever used - My class is way ahead of other classes with a different system - I was skeptical, but I'm glad I gave it a try - It's made me by far a much better teacher - These are proof enough for me, the dynamics of its approach, the sound structural unity, its motivational techniques. These comments are but a few of the commendations for her methods of teaching.


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