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Genre: Poetry

Michael Lewis Moffett was born on January 26, 1954 in Stanton, Texas where his father worked in the oil fields of the Permian Basin. His mother, the former Mary Florence Copeland, later gave birth to three other children, Keith, Sharon and Mark. The family moved from town to town, drilling site to drilling site, wherever the father could find work. Raised Southern Baptist, their mother made sure her children were brought up in religious surroundings. In 1968 the father went to work in the oil fields of Libya. A year later the family followed with a newly adopted brother Jimmy. They spent two and a half years on the island of Malta where the author was active in sports like rugby, track, wrestling and judo. He took guitar lessons and adapted to a new life in Malta. In 1970 the father lost his job and the family had to sell everything to get back to the states. Michael Moffett says he had chills when he saw the American flag hanging on the wall at Chicago’s O’hare Airport. They were all happy to be back home.

His father decided to move them to a rural setting in Crossroads, Arkansas where they lived in a small and crowded mobile home. All thought they knew what culture shock was until this move was made. In the summer of 1970, when he was 16 years old, Michael met the girl of his dreams. They fell in love and dated for three and a half years until 1973 when he joined the U.S. Navy and she left for college. Her parents decided it would be best if the two youngsters went separate ways and they did, until 28 years later when fatefully they were reunited. It was an answer to prayer for both of them and they came to realize that they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

It was shortly after this reunion that Michael Moffett began to write poetry at the age of 46.


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