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Genre: Screenplay, Sitcom

I love comedy, and I try to write as close to the character as I can. When the people I have envisioned to play my characters- read my script, I want them to feel as if, I have reached in their pockets and stolen something from them. I know in the books I have read that it says “ don’t second guess Hollywood” well I’m sorry- that is what I do- I am a psychic. I truly believe that Maxpc could be one of the best things to ever happen to Microsoft’s image and for Will Smith it’s a win, win, win situation, because it’s a screenplay about the kind of comedy he does best, a chance to hang with his buddies and music, music, music. I have been told that this company is in bad need of an image make over. I am college educated and write songs also. One of my songs is not only an integral part of the script but, serves as the hook also. I do illustrations-(storyboard) also- ten to fifteen per script, which greatly endear readers to the characters. I have other things I’m working on one of which has to do with the show Project Runway,  and many other ideas.


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